In the background of my last post you would have seen a couple of mounds, these are Kurgans, burial mounds typically found on the Russian steppes. They appear in the Battleground terrain generator so I decided to make a couple.
They are quite simple construction, just some insulation foam on an old CD, I added an entrance so it was obvious what they were.


SYW British Artillery

Some not quite so simple painting conversions of the Revell Austrian Artillery with my best effort at all the lace. Two medium batteries and one light.

The medium guns are from the Italeri/Esci French Artillery set.


Yet more Greek, no gifts

Yes, even more Greeks, this breaks the bulk of the rework/rebasing task Yet more hoplites, while basing the last batch I made an error and used 45mm deep bases (rather than my/WRG standard 40mm), but it worked so much better at protecting the spears so I have continued it. The cavalry, yet more arm swapping and the the figures on the right have a lot of their heads positioned to look where they are going All that is left to do are the commanders and the units I somehow missed in listing my original army.


Dutch Frigates and brigs completed

It's taken a long time to complete them, but at last they are done. The acrylic bases will certainly protect them in use A frigate A brig Once I have rcovered from this task I might acquire some third rates.

For the record here are the bases I used from Fluid 3D Workshop thanks to JJ's Wargames

Bases for Brigs
Bases for Frigates
Bases for 3rd Rates
Bases for 1st & 2nd Rates


Yet more Ancient Greeks Upgraded

A large batch this time, three units of hoplites, two of peltasts and one psiloi

Th hoplites

The peltasts, I tried to add more variety to these, once I found the old Rospaks spare part in my "bits box"

An in progress picture of the changes, the original is on the left.


Latest Acquisitions

At last, after some non-Covid delays the latest offerings from Strelets and Redbox are available. I acquired the following

My plans are:
  • Strelets French Foreign Legion Artillery Rif War - extra support for my legion
  • Strelets US antitank squad - has recoilless rifles which will provide another option for my late WW2 US forces
  • Strelets British Highlanders in attack - for the Sudan, NW Frontier or South Africa
  • Orion British Tank Crew - will provide some bailed crews, etc.
  • Orion Vietnam ARVN early war - Haven't done NAM for ages so this will get me started again
  • Orion Vietnam ARVN late war - ditto
  • Orion Vietnam Ruff-Puffs- ditto
  • Hat Austrian Chevaulegers - I already have one box, I'm going to replace my old Airfix Austrian cavalry
  • Hat Austrian Cuirassiers - ditto
  • Strelets Prussian Dragoons Napoleonic - Couldn't resist, new figures and civilians too
  • Strelets Prussian Hussars Napoleonic - ditto
  • Strelets Prussian Uhlans Napoleonic - ditto
  • Strelets French Fusiliers (early war) - Th start of some WSS French army
  • Strelets French Musketeers on the march - ditto
  • Strelets French Grenadiers- ditto
  • Strelets French Pikemen - ditto


On the Workbench - September 2020

I seem to have caught up a bit on the painting so I thought it was time to add a bit of variety to my painting/modelling this month so I'll be working on:

  • Finish off the Black Seas ships and mentioned in the last post
  • Medieval Bedouin Horse Archers - started last month
  • A pair of renaissance galleys and crews (options for either Christian or Ottoman)
  • SYW British Artillery
  • Napoleonic Austrian Landwehr
  • plus rebasing more Greeks
  • Maybe more terrain if the weather holds


Black Seas - Final Work in Progress

I'm almost there, with on exception the ships are all rigged an ratlines and sails added. All that is needed now is the Dutch flags and pennants.

THe exception is the free ship I got with WI, which didn't come with any ratlines or sails. I've copied the ratlines onto a transfer sheet and fixed that on some acetate sheet. I tried copying the sails, but they shrank when I glue the two sides together with PVA. I'm going to try again using contact adhesive instead. It's a bit unforgiving of mistakes.

A close up of a frigate

and a brig
I have also ordered some clear acrylic bases so they don't get touched too much.


Another river to cross?

Only 4 years late - the bridge across the river for the Korsun pocket game for Gauntlet 2016. It had been debatable whether the river and potential bridge would be needed and in the event they weren't.

My original plan was for a single span but that seemed too wide, so I added a central support, hopefully it reflects the extemporised bridges used on the astern Front in WW2

I alo created a couple of additional ramps so I could bridge narrower rivers.

Just need the narrower rivers now!