Monday, 15 January 2007

PiPz III & Tatra staff car

First blog posting, so I'll see how this goes.

I'm still working on my Macedonian phalangites, hopefully I'll have them finished by the end of this week. I've started on the Hat baggage wagons and ambulances, but the so called glueable plastic is not easy to glue and I ended up going back to my traditional welding approach to fitting the parts together.

I took some photos of my old pioneer panzer III, for the group on Showcase20. I built it over 30 years ago based on the old Airfix Stug, It has not done badly over the years but the the two foward support posts are now missing and need replaced.

By contrast here is my Tatra staff car, which I painted for my Romanians. It was very much an impulse purchase from Kerr and King. The design with the fin is such a classic style for the era.

Blogging - Not so easy this time, but we'll see


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