Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Alexandrian Macedonians

Well, at long last I've finished my phalangites so the bulk of the army is completed. I built it for use with WRG 6th edition based on the normal alexandrian army list. The figures are mainly Hat Macedonians, plus a few Zvesda/Italeri Macedonian Cavalry. The phalanx shields came from Little Big Man Studios. These took a while to apply as each one has to be cut out individually, but the overall effect is great.

The one unit still missing is the Hypaspists as these haven't been produced by HaT yet. The WRG army list gives an alternative of using some phalangites so I'll start off using them this way.

The whole army

Close up of the Phalanxes

The various light troops, Psiloi, staff slingers and Agrianes

The cavalry, mainly companions in wedge.

Alexander himself (Zvesda/Italeri figure)

A closeup of one of the Phalanxes showing the Little Big Man decals.

Overall impression of blogging this time - slightly easier, but getting the pictures right needs manipulation of the html

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