Saturday, 20 January 2007

More Macedonians

I've had a few frustrating days. The HaT Napoleonic French baggage wagons and ambulances have been an absolute beast to assemble. The gluable plastic is anything but glueable in this case. Previously on the German motor cyclists and cavalry normal polystyrene glue has worked OK, this time the best result was a temporary fold which fell apart when handled. The very flexible nature of the plastic also made assembling the parts difficult. In the end I went back to my old tried technique of welding with a hot pin.

I'd also worked on the HaT German cyclists, this time the glue worked OK, but the sculptor overviously never ridden a bike and no-one seems to have tested the assembly before sale.

Finally to cap it all we had the storms and a 30 hour power cut

On request, here's a few more close up pictures of the Macedonians

That's all for now


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