Wednesday, 11 April 2007

SYW building modules

I have always been impressed by the buildings in Charles Grant's book "The Wargame", so a while ago I built some similar structures for my SYW armies. Each building is mounted on a 120mm square base, which provides sufficient room for a complete regiment. For strength they are fixed to the base and the roofs are fixed as well

The buildings are either positioned on one side of the base or as an L shape, or covering the whole base in the case of the town hall (at the back). I still have to build two more straight sections so the whole town forms a square with the town hall in the middle.

They are all constructed in foamcore and cardboard with thin card roof tiles/slates. The couple of extras will probably be timber framed.

They are also shown in the background of my Polish Renaissance haiduks.



Steve said...

Nice buildings Will! Want to share some more detail on how you built them??

Fire at Will said...

Steve, I've now added some WIP pics and details of my latest buildings