Saturday, 14 July 2007

On the workbench - July (2)

At last the big consignment from Harfields arrived with all the goodies I hadn't manged to find at recent shows.

1 x Anglo-Egyptian Army
1 x Maya Warriors
1 x Turkish Infantry (World War I)
3 x Ukrainian Foot Cossacks & Artillery
2 x Reitars Of Charles XII (Great Northern War)
1 x Russian Artillery Of Peter I
1 x Swedish Artillery Of Charles XII
2 x Lieb-Drabants Of Charles XII
6 x Parthian Light Cavalry
3 x Parthian Heavy Cavalry
1 x Turkish Janissaries
3 x Russian Infantry Of Peter The Great

What are they all for?

The Parthians were on offer and they will be used to build a WRG 6th Parthian army

The various Great Northern war stuff will start my move into the League of Augsburg/War of Spanish Secession period.

The Janissaries, plus another pack will be used for the LOA/WSS and also for the French in Eygpt 1798 (3)

The Maya will add some variety to my current Meso-American armies

The Waterloo 1815 Anglo Egyptians will be used for French Senegalese infantry (2)

The foot cossacks and artillery are to go with/against my renaissance Poles and the artillery can also be used against the French in Egypt

The Ottoman infantry are to go with the Ottoman artillery and be used for RCW/Back of beyond games. (1)

(1-3) will be the first areas I will focus on.


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