Saturday, 28 July 2007

WW2 Russian 120mm Mortars

A sudden change of plan! I found when preparing for a game that I didn't have some elements of the Russian forces so it was of to my boxes so see what I could create/use.

I was short of MMGs but I just added in some WW1 MMGs so they should not be too noticeable. There was one extra 82mm mortar needed so I use a left over figure from the Italeri's Russian winter infantry. The big gap was 120mm mortars and for this I used the ones from the Pegasus Mortar set (I had bought an extra set just in case). The crews are a mix of Airfix and head swapped WW1 Russian Heavy Weapons figures. I also used these for some extra brigade commanders that I was missing. The radio operators had their caps cut down to side caps as well.

Till then, I'll be playing Operation Sonnewende using Rapid Fire rules.

Original picture, taken when the light was fading

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