Saturday, 25 August 2007

1st Silesian Line Regiment

One of my "background" jobs has been rebasing/tidying up my Prussian Napoleonics. I've now completed all the existing infantry, but I still have enough figures for another few battalions left.
The front three battalions are the 1st Silesian Line Regiment (IR #10). The figures had originally all been Jaegers, but I replaced them with the Hat and Revell figures which are far more suitable for skirmishers than the Springwood figures.

Next is the three battalions of the 2nd Guard Regiment and in the back the 2nd East Prussian Grenadier Bn and a Neumark Landwehr Bn (Airfix).

With this increase in line units the Prussians are now a bit biased towards line units so I will have to paint the rest up as one of the Reserve Infantry Regiments, probably the 9th (IR #22 in 1815)



rpardo said...

I like your prussians: it's a good job!
I can only recognize the Landwher infantry in the background. Which figures you used for line infantry Prussians?

Fire at Will said...

The figures are Springwood, I'll add the details onto the blog.