Monday, 27 August 2007

A blast from the past

Just found this picture from the early 70s of the Bath Wargamers in action. I'm second from right. I remember it being a hot sticky evening and the game was AWI fought using our club rules (loosely based on WRG) as part of our Saratoga campaign.



Steve C said...

Got to be 1972. Dave Strawbridge is the one on the far left. Can't put a name to the other 2.

Where did you find the photo?


Springinsfeld said...

Good that Steve Chasey in the middle? Just come across this post, and although I was a later attendee at the Bath club (early 80's at Grove Street scout hall), I still see him very occasionally when he comes into my workplace.

Will McNally said...

Springinsfeld, yes that is Steve Chasey in the middle. To his left is Robin Mills and right myself, far right, I've forgotten.

Springinsfeld said...

Tempus fugit. I'm afraid I don't know Robin Mills or the others. Happy days of playing WRG Renaissance.