Thursday, 23 August 2007

Renaissance Cossacks

Moving onto a new army, here's the beginning of my Cossack host. Only the infantry and guns so far but the cavalry should be produced in plastic shortly.

The figures are the foot cossacks by Orion, which include guns and crews
I have split the infantry figures into either skirmishers (3 per base) armed with muskets or "horde" (5 per base)

They should be quite flexible figures as they can be used as generic eastern europeans from the Renaissance right through to the Napoleonic wars. I will use them with/against my Poles, and as Ottoman balkan levies fighting either the Austrians in WSS or the French in Egypt.

There are also quite a few specials, which I will use with the command elements when I get around to them. Can't wait to buy the cavalry now.



rpardo said...

I discovered today your blog. I am mainly interested in Napoleonics so I like your HAT wagons. You could send your HAT pictures to the hat site and forum.
Best regards

Fire at Will said...

Thanks Rafa, I have shared some stuff on the Hat site before, but maybe I should share somemore.