Sunday, 26 August 2007

Springwood Models - Napoleonic figures

Springwood figures first appeared in 1972 as a single set of 24 figures made up of 6 each of French, British, Russian and Prussian line infantry (top row), there were no officers, musicians, etc. They were made in hard plastic (polystyrene).

This was followed by an upgraded version of the first set slightly higher with better detail plus two more sets covering the other major troop types.

Top row - originals British Line (as Portuguese legion), French line, Russian Line, Prussian Line,

Second row - second range - British Line, French Line (LHS with plume removed as fusiliers), Russian Line, Prussian Line (as Reserve Infantry).

Third row - second range - Austrian Grenadier, French Grenadier, Highlander, Brunswick Legion

Bottom row - second range - Bavarian Line, British Light (as Portuguese Line), Austrian Line, Landwehr (wearing clogs).

Rear view

I'm still looking for a few more to fill in some gaps in my armies so please contact me if you have some to sell/swap. I've still got left over British line(first range) and Highlanders.



Snickering Corpses said...

Any ideas what happened to the line? I actually turned up this listing while searching for it on Google after noticing an ad for them in an old modeling magazine.

Fire at Will said...

I've no idea exactly what happened but thy stopped advertising via the Oxford Model Centre back in the mid 70s. When I checked a few years later no one had any idea of their existence. I think they got caught up in the general move away from stocking figures in local model shops.


Ron said...

Hi Will,

You mentioned in this old post that you had extra Springwood British and Highlanders. Do you still have these available?


Fire at Will said...

Ron, I regret these were traded away a while back


Uwe said...

Hi will,

I got a few issues of the old wargamers newsletter this week and searching for figures I found an announcement of springwood figures. Good to see the first hit at google is your blog:-)

Can you tell me what size these figures are? Made in the early 70ies maybe "true" 25 to go with my other plastics I hope.


Fire at Will said...

Uwe, I'll try and provide some figures with measurements/comparisons shortly.

they certainly fit with other plastics, the early versions were rather small but the second versions were a better fit to most plastics.

leslie hughes said...

i have some of the springwood plastic figure kits if anyone is interested.