Sunday, 23 September 2007

Latest purchases arrive from Harfields

Always exciting when the postman delivers you "long" awaited figures. So what have I got this time?

1 x Zvesda Russian infantry of Peter the Great - figures needed to complete my next 3 Austrian regiments
1 x Pegasus German army trucks - just an impulse purchase, I always seem to be short of trucks.
2 x Strelets Norman knights - to boost the cavalry strength of my Norman Army
1 x Strelets Breton knights - ditto
1 x HaT Prussian artillery - to complete the artillery in my Napoleonic Prussian army
1 x Revell US Marines WW2 - again an impulse purchase at £1.00 I thought I might get around to island hopping games sometime, especially having seen the Frontline LVT2s
2 x HaT Macedonian elephants - to allow my Macedonians to become Successor armies. I was also lucky as the two boxes both contained 3 elephants each.

My only regret was missing out on a 2nd hand pack of SYW Prussian Hussars


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