Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Mollwitz Refought

Felt like a SYW game on Sunday, but couldn't find a suitable scenario until I remembered Mollwitz. On checking with my copy of "The War Game" I found it was just the right size for my armies so that was it.

Above the Prussian army deploying onto the table, Pamplitz in the foreground, Hemsdorf in the background.

The Austrians deploying and starting their cavalry sweep on their right. In the centre Mollwitz and behind Gruningen

For most of the game the Prussian cavalry successfully fought off the overwhelming numbers of Austrian cavalry, while the Prussian infantry assaulted Gruningen. After much effort they finally evicted the Austrians from Grunningen. But the Prussian centre was collapsing from the pounding received from the Austrian artillery

Above shows the centre jsut before the collapse with the Austrian artillery pounding away. There is another battery off to the right of Mollwitz.

At the same time following a rash advance by the remaining Prussian cavalry beyond the shelter of Pamplitz they were pounced upon my waves of Austrian cavalry and the left wing began to collapse.

At this point I (the Prussians) conceded defeat. A well won victory to Markus (Austrian)

Here's the link to my rules on Freewargamesrules



Bluebear Jeff said...

Nice photos. What rules are you using?

-- Jeff

Fire at Will said...

Link to my rules added

abdul666 said...

More than 35 years have passed since I discovered Mollwitz in 'The Wargame': nostalgia and all that kind of things, sob... But your excellent report and all the eye-candy photos also make me 35 yeras younger: thanks!