Saturday, 15 September 2007

WSS Austrian Cavalry

Jury service is over so it's back to the painting. I managed to do a bit over the last two weeks as I wasn't always required. So here's the latest units, three Austrian cuirassier units for the WSS. They are all made using the Strelets GNW Swedish Rieiters

For the sharp eyed observer the coats have turnbacks when there should be none

Included is a unit from my imaginary country the Frundsberg Frei Stadt acting on imperial service, their yellow coats are not that dissimilar from the buff coats worn my the Austrians

These units may also be my submission into The Guild painting competition



rrober said...

Nice cavalry


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George said...

Inspirational frankly.

I was planning on using the Drabants on Reitar horses for French WSS. What do you reckon?

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Fire at Will said...

George the Reitar horses are quite diffent from the WSS French cavalry in all my references and the Drabant horses are probably closer.