Friday, 28 September 2007

WSS Austrian Dragoons

Another couple of regiments completed for my War of Spanish Succession Imperial army, This time the dragoon regiments Prinz Eugen and Bayreuth.
The figures used were the Strelets Lieb-Drabants Of Charles XII

Prinze Eugen has red coats and Bayreuth light blue, the standards are what I had that looked suitable.



Steve said...

I'm guessing that (like me) you are using a version of SYW rules to play WSS????

Fire at Will said...

Hi Steve, my SYW rules will be the starting point, but with lots of irregulars on the ottoman side I need to build in quite a bit of stuff to deal with the differences in troop types. The result may work for the war in the east but not in the west (true WSS)

This is why I'm experimenting with command and control dice and also debating adding in a "to charge" test.

Lots of play testing still to do while the figures get painted