Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Macedonian Successor Elephants

The last planned unit for this month. These are lovely figures from Hat, and it first all went well, the elephants stuck together fine with ordinary polystyrene adhesive. I've been very careful to insure that the HaT figures are really washed well after getting some that were really greasy. It was the figures that went wrong, unlike the elephants there are no pegs or anything to locate the figures onto. At first they seemed to stick OK, of course once painting got really underway a couple of them fell off. So it was out with the hot pin to weld them into place.

The next challenge was the pike as the one provided was bendy and would have really failed it I had glued it. So it was out with the florists wire heat it up over the candle and position carefully so it welds itself into place. This normally works on the first attempt, but with the extra soft Hat plastic it took two attempts for most figures and three for a couple.

Overall they painted up OK


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