Thursday, 18 October 2007

Maya completed

It's taken a long time, but now they're finished. The figures are by Caesar and while being very nicely molded some figures do tend to be overbalanced and I had to add wedges to straighten them when basing them. I'm also not sure about whether to add more vegetation to the bases?

I've based them for a set of rules called "DBA in the new world" and I'll just be using them as another unit of auxiliaries in my Aztec army rather than as a stand alone army, but perhaps I'll add more at some point in the future.



Steve said...

My word, they're a colourful bunch, very nice, though... bases look good too, just right..

Fire at Will said...

Thanks Steve, I was wondering whether to add some broadleaved plants, but there's not mush room on the bases. I'll see what I can find at Fiasco at Leeds.

Steve said...

...hmm... there's a company called "Antenocity's workshop" that appears at the Colours show - they specialise in terrain modelling items (glues/flocks/card etc.) On their stand at Colours this year I spotted they had scale foliage (ie. individual leaves etc.) - that might be worth checking for?

Fire at Will said...

Yes I know them, I hope to have a look at what is available when I'm at Fiasco in Leeds this Sunday.