Wednesday, 24 October 2007

On the workbench - October/November

Running ahead of schedule for once, so what have I got planned?

  • 2 units of TYW Imperial Cuirassiers (24 figures, using the Revell copies I got as a trade)
  • 2 units of Polish Registered Cossacks (16 figures using the HaT Napoleonic Cossacks, again from a trade). These will be similar to the units I found on Wab-ramblings a very useful blog on the late renaissance in eastern Europe)
  • French 22nd Chasseurs and French 7th Hussars bis for my French army in Egypt (16 figures)
  • Mamelukes for the opposition (18 figures)
  • Finishing off some TYW Swedish and Imperial Cavalry I had started a while back)


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