Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Prussian Landwehr

After adding standard bearers and officers to my existing landwehr units I had quite a few painted figures to hand, rather than put them to one side to replace losses I painted up a few of the Hat Prussian reserve infantry figures as landwehr. For the others I just repainted the facings and the whole unit became a battalion of Pommeranian landwehr.

That should be the end of my work on the Prussian infantry as I've no more figures left and I now have 33 battalions in close order completed, certainly sufficient for any normal game. The only component of the army now understrength is the landwehr cavalry.



Steve said...

Yee gods.... 33 battalions????!! I admire your output!

Fire at Will said...

33 battalions are the results of many years of painting.

Since I've become a "gentleman of leisure" I've been painting around 100 figures a month.

This of course may end if someone offers me a job!