Thursday, 11 October 2007

Renaissance Tartars

As I mentioned previously I found I had some Italeri Mongol light horse that could be used as Tartars. I've painted these up and they will either be used for rennaisance games with my poles/cossacks or with my Ottomans for the period up to the WSS.



AKI said...


Recently found your blog; enjoying it and glad to see another 20mm advocate out there.

You seem to have a pretty huge, and nice looking collection going here...


andygamer said...

Those Russian (and Swedish) pikemen are pretty handy for officers or extra standard-bearers, eh? And good work on both forces.

Fire at Will said...

Thanks for the kinds words guys.

Yes it's a huge collection and I'm on track to pass the 20K mark next month all going well.

Yes the pikemen and just as good as standard bearers,etc but as I was concentrating on the League of Augsburg end of the period I needed to have some pikemen.