Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Sorry to see them go

After 30 years service, I have parted with my Hinton Hunt Napoleonic Russian cavalry.
Over the years they fought in many actions, but their weight was always a constraint. They were originally bought to provide cavalry to go with my Springwood Russians ready for a club refight of Borodino.
With the release of most of the Russian cavalry in plastic I gradually built up a second cavalry force and tended to use them instead.

They consisted of the following units all 20 figures strong:-
Akhtyrka Hussars
Kiev Dragoons (HH Prussian Dragoons painted as Russian)
Ekatarinoslav Kuirassiers
Don Cossacks (Blue tunics)
Bug Cossacks (Green tunics)

Some close ups

You'll be sadly missed guys, hopefully you are going to a good home


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