Thursday, 4 October 2007

Yet more Prussians

Yes, more Prussians, this time the II/10th Reserve Regiment (22nd Line) at the back made up entirely of Springwood second version Prussian line. Because they arrived second, I've always used them as reservists, really because I'd already painted the regulars by the time I bought them. They are wearing the blue uniform issued late in 1813. The standard is a retirefahne from Silesian IR Nr.2 (#11) their stammregiment.

In the front is another version of the same unit, it can't quite act as the I or III batalions as their uniforms were different, although the III had a very dark grey almost black tunic. They will either act as the III batalion or as the mythical Frundsberg Frei Batalion. The figures are a complete mix, in the front rank are Revell prussian line infantry, then behind in groups are (L to R) Hat Lutzows, Springwood Prussian line and Hat Prussian reservists.


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