Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Gendarmes a pied

Having bought the new Italeri French Infantry 1798-1805 I realised that I could use them for later period Napoleonic Gendarmes a pied. These para-military police kept order in France, the rear areas of the army and especially in Spain fighting the Spanish Guerrillas, which is where this unit will end up in my skirmish games.

Note the first sunlight for days!


Steve said...

...interesting you should post those, I was just reading in an old Practical Wargamer about an Italian legion comprising gendamerie in Napoleon's employ..

Fire at Will said...

Steve, which issue was it? I was looking for some more info on the gendarmes and I came across references to the Italians

Steve said...

Hi Will - sent some scans to your hotmail id. - comes to about 1Mb in total so if you're on dial you want Practical Wargamer,Winter '89 issue....! ;o)

Larry said...

Those guys look great Will. How are your skirmish rules coming along?