Thursday, 31 January 2008

Parthian Cataphracts

Well they're finished and they look pretty intimidating. I wonder if their opponents will think this? Sixty cataphracts are the maximum allowed in the WRG 6th lists so given it was either 45 or 60 (3 or 4 packets) I went for 60. ig needed I can add more either Armenian or Selucids but neither of very good quality.
The figures are all HaT and although the detail was not raised as much as I would have liked the armour dry brushed OK. The lances are all florists wire, which is far better than the very flexible ones provided. I just wish Hat would go back to its original instead of this very soft, supposedly glueable plastic. All the lances and figures/horses were welded together to ensure no "breakages" once painted.

What's next? It has to be all the horse archers needed to go with them, I've got 90 to start with, but the lists allow up to 180!!


Steve said...

Blimey - that's a veritable horde!

Chris said...

I'm also doing mostly 20mm plastics these days.

I've bought a box of these HaT cataphracts but haven't got round to painting them. I'm mixing them with a box of HaT Roman cataphracts for a bit more variety.

I'm currently using 0.8mm plastic rod for spears. I squash the end with a pair of flat nosed pliers and trim it to get a spear head effect. The spears look good when painted and bend without breaking or losing shape.

On the work bench at the moment are some Revell Celts that I'm frantically painting for a game on Thursday!

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