Saturday, 26 January 2008

Quick update

Yes, I've been caught up with DIY so progress on figures, etc has been slow. However my sixty (60) Parthian Cataphracts are coming on nicely, if slowly, and on the side the medieval field artillery, so I hope to finish them by the end of the month.

I played the first of the RF Bulge Scenarios a week ago - Foy Notre Dame as German and was surprised to win as I thought I would be overwhelmed, but I managed to use my hidden deployement to the best and the US ability to shoot up friendly british units came in useful. The US air liaison drove around for most of the game out of sight of any possible targets as well.

Last Thursday was a WW2 game trying another set of rules a local D10 based derivative of RF. I took the British and with a platoon of infantry and a troop of churchills I had to take a village occupied by Panzer grenadiers I took the cautious (historical British) approach and was pleased to drive the Germans out with relatively minimal casualties.


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