Tuesday, 8 January 2008

WW2 - A bit of a mixture

Progress has been a bit disrupted by family commitments and now it's time for DIY so future progress will be a bit eratic.

Here's what's been completed so far with the BP Casts, I've had to use flash, which is not as effective as natural light, starting from the bottom left moving clockwise:

  • An Indian Pattern Carrier, as I don't have any Indian troops for the western desert, very much an impulse purchase
  • A pair of Raupenschelpper Ost (RSO) originally for my eastern front germans but I find I need them for the Volksgrenadiers in the RF Bulge scenarios, the backs where a bit too bare so I added some stowage.
  • A Sdkfz 250/9, at least that was what it was sold as. There was no way the mortar would fit in the interior given it had the fittings for a 250/1, so I fitter it to another 250/1 that had no interior detail.
  • A French 25mm AT gun, unlike most of the BP Casts metal this was a crisp casting and fitted together well, just the crew could do with a bit more life.


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Steve said...

...I like that Indian Pattern Carrier.... I wasn't aware that they had their own bespoke vehicles... must investigate further!