Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Latest US for WW2

Due to a slight diversion, I hadn't managed to take any pictures of my latest units. These are inspired by the latest Rapid fire book for the Battle of the Bulge. I'm still not happy with the webbing colour, so it may change.

First off, a reece unit as involved at Foy Notre Dame, I've only painted the figures, the vehicles are from my existing collection. I used the Revell WW2 American Infantry for the bulk of the figures, with only the 60mm mortars and figures added from the Esci US Soldier set. The organisation is quite different from the original version in the RF suppliment so I need more M8's (The ones shown are fron Frontline). Typically I have more MG armed jeeps left over from the old organisation (these are Carama jeeps plus SHQ crews)

Next was an Engineer battalion, the figures this time are mainly the Esci US Soldier set,plus additional bazooka teams from their WW2 French Soldier set. I now need to change over a couple of 6x4 trucks to Tipper trucks, plus a boat trailer and they'll be done.

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