Monday, 4 February 2008

Vaparnartak 2008 (2)

Vapa was good on the purchasing front as well, during the periods I managed to slip away I acquired:
  • Hat Prussian Dragoons on the B&B;
  • Italeri M20 Greyhound for my US Reece Battalion for RF and to see how well it fits in with my Frontline M8 Greyhounds;
  • Various Reiver Italian command and gunner packs for the big game;
  • A couple of Italeri Saharianas the excuse is that they are for the big game the reality is they look cool!
  • Italeri Russian Zis-3 AT Gun with crew, more for the WW2 crew, the guns will be used for some more modern conflicts;
  • A Panzer III from the B&B, hopefully Matchbox so it fits my others;
  • a couple of Matchbox M-40 GMC because I need an M12 for one of the RF Bulge scenarios and the standard battery is two SPGs. I need to decide whether to try a conversion with some sherman parts or just to use the M40 instead;
  • One Pegasus Russian two story log house and two packs each with two Izbas;
  • From Ready-to-roll one Camionetta Desertica light truck (I need more but that's all Colin had and two Fiat Dovunque truck - 20mm AA portees;

It was great being able to move around and get to almost all the traders without problems. The venue is excellent and the only problem was a pinch point near the SHQ stand. The only downside was that there was nobody selling any plastic figures, so I'll be putting in an order to Andy Harfield shortly.



Steve said...

I noticed the same when Colours moved from the old Hexagon to Newbury race course a couple of years back (three?) - I guess because of their primary purpose (ie. to see horse races) race course stands are always light and airy - makes a huge difference to what you can see when you're not squinting through the Stygian gloom....

Fire at Will said...

Yes it was great, particularly when compared to Fiasco in the armouries, which was very gloomy.