Sunday, 2 March 2008

On the workbench - Mar 08

Well, I didn't get as far as planned last month due to DIY. The Parthians are pinned, based and the horses painted. Hopefully I can focus more on painting this month. So my plan is to work on:

  • Completing the Parthian horse archers
  • Italian vehicles picked up at Vapnartak
  • More Macedonian light infantry - should be quick
  • Sort out some generals for my French in Egypt game
  • ZIS-3 AT guns and crews - again should be quick.
  • Start on the Orion Cossacks

Might be a bit ambitious given I still have more DIY to do, but at least the major part of the kitchen project is now past (I hope).



andygamer said...

The Parthians are pinned down? How did the Romans manage that?

Fire at Will said...

It's my Romans taking advantage of the fact that they are made of real "hard" plastic :-)