Saturday, 8 March 2008

With Desaix in the Deset v0.3

Following two more play test games I've added a new version onto esnips at link

During the first game the French managed to advance across virtually the whole table before the mamelukes appeared prompting me to check the rules for arrivals and make some small changes. I also revised some of the morale factors for the Mamelukes as they were too easily shaken.

The second game found the French in the centre of the table by the time the mamelukes arrived. They were unlucky to lose two infantry battalions from one Mameluke charge highlighting the risks of being in column within charge reach of Mameluke cavalry. The game ended with the French forming a defensive box/ring with the Mamelukes attacking from all directions. With more units than the French the Mamelukes eventually found an opening and broke in, then it was all over. The only survivors were some French cavalry that routed off the table.

I feel the rules are almost finished and the next game will probably be a formal scenario. I think I'll do the storming of Alexandria, which will need some walls constructed first.


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Steve said...

..sounds like the French need to start reading up on British standard operating practice in the Sudan.. :o)))