Tuesday, 29 April 2008

More French Napoleonic wagons

Two new wagons from HaT. As with all their recent production they are in a soft semi-gluable plastic that has less detail and the flash is difficult to remove. Worse of all it the erratic nature of it's response to "normal polystyrene glue, it's sometimes OK and then not. I think the plastic must flex thereby weakening the join so that the glue fails.

First off is the field forge, I assembed it in operation with a few extra figures looking on.

Then there is the wurst wagon used for transporting medical personnel, it doesn't look the safest or most comfortable means of transport

I've still got two more of each and I'll certainly modify a forge to use in the SYW, and the other wurst wagons will be used for the "flying artillery"



Steve said...

...it's a little like one of those banana things they tow behind fast speedboats during summer! One hopes that the padding is deep.... :o)

rpardo said...

Hi... At least we have now some wagons to make a corps convoy or supply column
I like it