Thursday, 3 April 2008

On the workbench - April 08

The painting station seems empty now that the Parthians have gone. It's been a moment to take stock and shuffle some priorities around. I won't add anymore to the Parthian army until I've played at least one game with them.
So my current/ongoing plans are
  • Finish the Macedonian light infantry - just the shields and bases left to do
  • A couple of WW1 artillery guns for my WW2 German Volksgrenadiers (who needs King Tigers!)
  • An Italeri M20 Greyhound, it's too big to go with my Resin M8 Greyhounds, but I want to see how easy it would be to convert/kitbash one the right size.
  • Two Matchbox/Revell M40 GMC's - strictly I need one M12 GMC for one of the bulge scenarios, but the Fujimi M12 proved difficult to find
  • Organise the Orion Cossacks and the various other Renaissance cavalry into coherent units and start painting them.
  • Assemble and paint a HaT wurst wagon and field forge to add to my growing French napoleonic baggage train.
  • More Italians for the big Battleaxe game - extra command and gunners this time.

I'm still trying to find some suitable 20mm figures for French revolutionary generals for Desaix in the Desert game.

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