Monday, 28 April 2008

Something old, something new

I got bored with the cossacks, the curse of painting irregulars again, so I "quickly" painted the Strelets guides of napoleon. They actually represent the 2nd regiment of eclaireurs (scouts) of the imperial guard. It was quite a short lived unit raised in late 1813 but saw a lot of combat during the campaign of 1814.

PSR review

Many years ago, I created a squadron (old guard) of the 1st regiment (scout-grenadiers) from the Airfix hussars, so given that I had 12 figures I used the extra 4 to reinforce these up to full strength (for my rules) by adding some young guard. They are not exactly correct as they have the tapered shako.

The rest made up the 2nd regiment (scout-dragoons) which are fairly correct except for the saddle cloth which seems to have never been used. I was tempted to give them a wintery base as that was the conditions in which they fought, however I decided to flock the bases to keep them consistent with the rest of the Napoleonics.

Now back to the cossacks, etc.


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rpardo said...

A good job. I love the fashionable 'shakeau rouleau'... they will be the next in my Project... after the Italeri-Zvezda Cossacks that I am waiting