Sunday, 6 April 2008

Various WW2 allied vehicles

To start a Classix Ford 10cwt estate car, repainted as a command car for my BEF, I've already used one to make an ambulance for my Italians so I had to have at least one acting under it's true colours.

An M20 Greyhound, this is the Italeri model and it turned out OK except for the wheels. I used the wargaming version provided, but in retrospect I'd have been better using the standard model as the wheels are hollow at the back. I'm not sure how I will use it, as it is very large compared to my Frontline M8s (I think they may be undersized for 1/76).

Lastly a pair of M40 GMC, they were used only at the close of WW2 and the decals I used were for a unit operating in Korea. Strictly I should have got the Fujimi M12, but I couldn't find any at a reasonable price. I need one M12 for a Bulge scenario, but I'll just use one of these instead.

Thats all for now.


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