Thursday, 29 May 2008

Fast build Russians

I've started on my Italian vehicles, but while waiting for the par ts to set I assembled the Pegasus "fast build" sets, They are quite quick, but it does take time to assemble all the running gear, but the end result is better than those where it is all one moulding. Unfortunately because my reading glasses broke I had to stop work on the Italians and these got finished first.

First is the later version of the KV1 the KV1S, the S is for skorostniy (speedy) as the armour/weight was reduced from that in the previous version to improve performance, but it was still armed with the 76.2mm gun so it was inferior to the T34/76 and hence the development of the IS series.

Second is the assault gun version the SU152, armed with a 152mm howitzer, called the "Zvierboy" because of it's claimed ability to kill panthers and tigers.

The one regret is that they are actually 1/72 so I won't be able to mix them with my existing Fujimi KV1. A small fault is the lack of an opening hatch on the KV1S and the lack of decals, otherwise a good deal for £6.00 a pair.




great blog. lets link Gary

Stryker said...


Very nicely done - there's just something about those Russian tanks isn't there? I am impressed with your productivity and skill.
Keep it up!