Thursday, 22 May 2008


The Italian equivilents of the LRDG/SAS were the Compagnie Arditi Camionettisti who were equipped with the Camionetta 'Sahariana' AS 42. I have made a start on one of these units with the Italeri kit. It was a lot of parts, but builds into a lovely model. The 20mm Breda is particularly fine, but fragile so it's best in the vehicle.
I still need to find some crew for these. A typical unit would consisted of 10 vehicles, which is represented by two in Rapid Fire terms. More details can be found on the Commando Supremo site

Finally for comparison I have added the BP casts 20mm Breda AA, which can clearly be seen as overscale in comparison with the Bredas on the vehicles.



Steve said...

Very, very, nice work Will!

I do like the vehicles the Italian's used in the desert - did you see the pictures of the Tunisia game in this months Wargames Illustrated (taken at Salute)?? Have to say it was one of my favourite games this year, purely because of them...!

Giles said...

Lovely painting there, Will.

Bets wishes