Monday, 16 June 2008

Big game - other pictures

Some photos covering the action on other fronts, not a lot as my focus was on Tobruk.

Bardia before the battle

Fort Capuzzo foreground, 7th Armoured deploying background

Fort Capuzzo foreground Sollum background

15 Panzer entering the table

Halfaya pass


The British assault on Fort Capuzzo

Looking across the kessel from the north (Sollum to Capuzzo)

And the reverse sometime later

Ariete and Trento passing Bardia on the way to Tobruk

British artillery deployed near Halfaya pass
Lots more pictures on the SoGG picture gallery of the event.


Steve said...

Outstanding!! I'm assuming you enjoyed the game enourmously - any views on what went well, what could be improved??

Giles said...

Great pics, Will, and a complete stunner of a game!