Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Italian HQ

It took a while, but my HQ for the Brescia Division is now finished. The basic caravan is the body from the Matchbox Monty's caravan set, which was originally captured from the Italians and then mounted on a Leyland retriever chassis. I chose to build it as a standalone caravan, that could be towed.
The staff are a mixture of Britannia, Reiver and the radio figure came from the Airfix command post.

The flags are removable, but I think they add a nice touch. The white one is actually the city flag of Brescia.

I also finished off these AT rifles and an OP team (both Britannia)

So apart from a final check everything is ready for the big game this weekend.



Steve said...

Will - it goes without saying, of course, but please can we have pictures and a write up of the big game????

Good luck and give 'em hell.... :o))

Fire at Will said...

Steve, thanks for the good wishes, I'll be posting my pictures, etc. when I get back.