Thursday, 19 June 2008

On the Workbench - June 08

Well, I'm in a bit of a lull, I cleared the decks to get everything ready for the big game and now there is nothing in progress. I'm very tempted by the announced Zvezda Turkish Cavalry XVII century and they look like just what I need for my Turkish forces for the Renaissance through to the French in Egypt. I want to get on with them as soon as they are available so I don't want to start any other major project before then.

Therefore I've started on some more generic terrain for the Mediterranean/Middle East and particularly something I can use for the fortifications of Alexandria, Jaffa, etc.

It's standard foam core construction, the basic wall units will take a single two base unit, The corner towers will have a gate and ramp so that they can be used as artillery positions. This will also be my entry for The Guilds latest group build "Terrain Feature" I haven't decided whether or not to base the modules, probably not as it will limit the number of possible combinations possible.

This Saturday I'm off to Phalanx and that will probably fire up my enthusiasm again. Following this on Sunday is the Gentlemen Pensioners annual big game (but only 10 people compared to last weekend 25 plus) and I'll be playing Kutusov at Borodino


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