Sunday, 22 June 2008

Phalanx 2008

Another year has passed and phalanx (our biggest local show) has arrived again. As usual I was involved in a game supporting the Lance & Longbow Society, this time the Battle of Marignano 1515. An interesting scenario on the cusp on the medieval/renaissance period. We usually play a fast play DBx game with period related variations, but this time the rules meant that the Swiss never got into contact with the main French position as the mounted crossbow were too powerful when they attack the flanks of the Swiss pike blocks.

The early deployment (below) the write up on the real battle will be in the next journal of the L&L society

The first game that stuck me was the nearby North Hull game, set in Russia, early in the 1941 invasion involving a river crossing

The lighting was very poor and hence the yellow cats to the images

Of real interest to me was the Glasgow Wargamers theme for this year of Napoleon in Egypt, the figures are great, but the terrain just didn't quite set it off to its best advantage.

I would have enjoyed time to talk, but somehow the day slipped away from me

Any purchases, etc?

Well I succumbed to the new Hat British and Egyptian Camel Corps and Celtic Command. The Under the Bed had the excellent Frontline RR armoured cars, and after the big game I had to get these. Finally I pickup some bits like the WAB rulebook, Warfare in the french Revolution by Paddy Griffith and the Ottonfeld Picture book all cheap.


Steve said... the Napoleon in Egypt game - lovely figures... (duplicate picture by the way??)

..also liked the look of the L&L game - classic clean looking game with impressive looking units (size'wise)...

Fire at Will said...

Steve, the missing picture has been added now.