Sunday, 29 June 2008

Some progress ? ! ?

I had started on my corner "towers" before the Zvezda Turkish Cavalry figures arrived, so here is the progress to date, I plan to add a couple of different gatehouses/gateways to complete the set. I had originally intended the ramp to be within the tower, but the angle was to steep. Just as well I'm not planning to have bases.

Played the Rapid Fire Sid Bou Zid RF scenario by Mark Piper today, typically, I failed to take any photos of the action, just the basic American deployment

It was a total disaster, The American were devastated in the first move with 4 tanks KO'd or heavily damaged and then the morale check for the lead two companies was rout. This left me with 4 tanks plus support to cope with two complete panzer battalions attacking from each flank - great!

Yes, it was a total wipe out with the exception of the American infantry who dug in at the centre of the table, the armour, SPGs half tracks and guns were all destroyed. The old bright point was that the German Panzer Grenadiers left their positions too late to past their target line and achieve a total victory.

The game was played in 20mm game scale using vehicles and figures in 15mm from my mate Marcus (the Germans) and this was the first outing for his new US forces, sorry.