Friday, 20 June 2008

Zvezda Turkish Cavalry XVII Century

OK, I found the Turkish Cavalry yesterday why checking the online retailers and found them at Netmerchants, and they arrived this morning and they are excellent, so my painting priorities are now clear.

They scale out well against the Zvezda Janissaries and the HaT Mamelukes that are other components of my Ottoman forces. The five figures to the left are from one sprue (three of these in the box) and the three to the left are on the command sprue.

The shield on the charging Sipahi is excellent having the classic winged shape.

The Aga comes in three parts with a slung coat and separate right arm.

Now to work



Stryker said...

They look like excellent figures - I look forward to seeing them after painting!

Frankfurter said...

nice job on the figures in the background ... I noticed one mounted figure wielding a scimitar?
It's been very hard for me to find figures wielding scimitars at all!