Thursday, 14 August 2008

AWI Forces on Parade

If you pop across to my AWI blog you'll find pictures of all my AWI forces on parade.







Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Will - just back form holiday and this was the second post I came to - outstanding!! Look forward to further updates on your "tidy up" project as well, though they looked pretty good to me.. bit of a trip down memory lane seeing all those Airfix figures - they were the figures I used for my first AWI project, shortly after that I got that big bequest of Minifgs stuff so sold them on, but it takes me back...

Anonymous said...

Hi will i'm well impressed im thinking also of doing my own awi project in plastic but i wonder if you can suggest any metal awi figs i can use that are to the same scale as 1/72 to fill out my rank and file.

Fire at Will said...

Anon, the obvious matchs are the figures produced by B & B miniatures

or possibly Irregular miniatures 20mm

I haven't used them but in both cases it is worth using them in separate units.

Plastic Pelisse is a good point of reference for combining metal and plastic, although he has not covered the AWI yet.