Friday, 28 November 2008

Austrian Commanders

After completing the cavalry I realised that I had no commanders for my Austrian forces, so after some searching around I put these together.

The mounted generals are all Revell SYW Austrian Dragoon Officers with spare bicorne heads added from the HaT Napoleonic Austrian Dragoons set. These really fitted a treat as I found the other bicorne heads I had from the French infantry (Hat and Italeri) were far too large. The foot figures are from the Strelets Allied Allied Chiefs of Staff (2) set.

Notes from Romain over on The Guild picking up on various flaws in my depicting of a Austrian general's uniform

The hats are perfect!! So are the plumes! Well done indeed!!!

If you allow me a couple of comments for your info:

Austrian generals of the period had no lapels on their coats (only gold lace, Feldmarschälle had embroidery), and the vest was always red (red being the colour for the generalship) with the same lace. Moreover the neckcloth was definitely black by that time.

Generals would always wear white wigs (regs!).

According to original regulations we dug up, generals did not carry pistols, as they were not supposed to fight! I was very surprised when I learned this (pleasantly mind you)! It spared me the costs to buy a pair and have holsters made. However, all 4 corners of the shabraque would sport embroidered cyphers (emperor's initials and crown).

If you are interested, I can post a couple of pics I have from our reenactments. My uniform was designed for Marengo, where coats had changed from the collarless (open) version of the XVIIIth to either standing collar with coat buttoned (one central row) and no lace except for the cuffs, or still open (and heavily laced) with standing-drooping collar (which is the version I chose).

In the field, most generals would wear the Oberrock. The colour would be close to pike-grey (blueish-grey) or kornblumenblau (light blue).

As generals would buy their uniform from their own money, they seem to have used the opportunity to choose their own "style" within the limits (or outside).

The best example for this is probably the coat preserved in the HGM reputedly worn by Napoleon when he sneaked out in 1814. It sports a standing-drooping collar (a bit outdated ) AND 2 rows of buttons (like the Oberrock) which is totally out of regs!!

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