Monday, 3 November 2008

Catching up

Well, I managed to complete quite a few units over the last couple of days, first off is a small number of Vietnamese civilians I painted using the Orion boxers, I found during a recent game that I didn't have any potential "targets" though one of the US players manage to waste another player's figure despite queries of "are you sure?"

I had some Lithuanians light infantry for my Teutonic order army, so they are now finished, but I'd like some more, but not enough to but another packet of Zvezda Lithuanian Knights.

Finally, Macedonian Prodromoi. I had been searching for these guys, part came via a trade, and the rest via a lucky purchase on the B&B at Derby. Now I just seem to have Zvezda and Hat Macedonian Cavalry to spare.

Plus units over on the Frundsberg blog

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