Friday, 7 November 2008

GNW/SYW Swedish Cavalry

A couple of units produced from the excellent Zvezda Swedish Dragoons of Charles XII. Out of the 18 figures in the set I produced one dragoon regiment, one cavalry, a general and a separate vignette.

Basically the cavalry unit (right) comprised all the figures waving swords, while the dragoons were made up of the remainder including the dismounted figures which I was not sure about, but they came out OK.

I'm not sure exactly how I'll use them, as I don't plan to do the Great Northern War (at present) but they will fit in OK with my SYW armies. As for uniforms I'll try and paint them as generically as possible for both periods. The cavalry is the Sodra Skanska regiment, which I discovered (after painting) had also been painted by Phil Olley, so I expect it to perform well.

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