Saturday, 29 November 2008

GNW/SYW Swedish Infantry

I completed all three units at the same time, even though I started them in series, as once I'd finished with one colour I just continued on the next. Just must have been in a good painting mood this week.
So the net result is three very fine looking unit, but the picture had to be taken in artificial light so it doesn't do them justice. I expect that given their blue coats they will end up fighting beside the Prussians against the Austrians (supported by the French)
From front to back the units are Skaraborg, Jonkopings and Vasterbotta.
Apart from finding some suitable commanders I consider this army now completed!
(Well maybe if I discover details of the Böhnens Fribataljon I might add those.)


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Will - they look good! Can you let us in on the secret of how you do the flags - they don't look like paper??

Snickering Corpses said...

Spoken like a true gamer, good sir. It's finished, unless I find info for this other thing. ;)

Fire at Will said...

Steve, the flags really are paper, printed on my inkjet. To get the fluttering effect I glue the two faces together with UHU contact adhesive, it's remains flexible enough to be be bent when dry into folds. I also run some thin ink or paint along the edges to remove the white effect.


Giles said...

Those look fantastic, Will.