Saturday, 1 November 2008

On the Workbench - November 2008

Time for a quick reflection, Xmas is approaching rapidly and I need to get my wish list circulated around the family. In general creating this is reasonably successful as I usually get a few bits off the list and I avoid getting bits I don't need/want. What I try to do is slacken off on the purchasing so there's enough on the list.

Over the last month, I've gained enough Zvezda Great Northern Wars Swedes to make 3 regiments plus I've already enough cavalry for 2 regiments, so my plan is to create a brigade each of SYW'ish Swedish. The third regiment of cavalry will be from my stash of Revell SYW Prussian Hussars, probably as the Blue Hussars. I just need a good online reference to check the uniforms before I start(*).

Other plans
  • Finish the cavalry to support the Austrians in Italy in the Revolution, they now just need basing
  • Paint up a Frundsberg Light Dragoon Regiment to support the Austrians (I'll probably add a unit of Austrian Hussars to go with them)
  • Base up the Macedonian Prodromoi and Teutonic Order Light Infantry
  • As a background task I'll get started on the Strelets Medieval Levy 1


* Swedish lace wars sites found so far

Leuthen Journal - unfortunately not enough definition on the prints to read the text
Kronoskaf - has details of the infantry uniforms
Svenska regementen under indelningsverkets dagar - unfortunately in Swedish
Royalfig - has flags

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