Monday, 1 December 2008

On the workbench - Dec 08

Another year has almost flown by, so I really ought to look back at my plans and progress against them.

Anyway I am now shifting tack and plan to work on the following
  • 1 x Panzer IV (early war)
  • 2 x Krupp Boxer protze
  • 3 x Kubelwagen
  • 1 x Panzer III (Matchbox, I wish I could get more)
  • A collection of various Greek light infantry
  • Some Polish Hussar and Austrian commanders for 1683
  • Strelets Medieval Levy
  • Some Frundsberg flying artillery (a fun project)

Other activities are preparing for Recon at Leeds this Saturday and then Warboot in Manchester a week on Sunday. Oh and of course Xmas.


catweasel said...

Matchbox panzer III L is available through Revell if you need them.

Fire at Will said...

Unfortunately the Revell Panzer IIIL is 1/72 and even though they own the Matchbox moulds there is little sign of them re-releasing this kit. Therefore I hunt the B&Bs and ebay for ones at a reasonable price.

catweasel said...

Ah ok, they had rereleased it a couple of years ago bundled with panzergrenadiers? and marked as 1:72 which is how I got mine. Have a look

Fire at Will said...

OK, I thought it might be the matchbox one, because they had bundled other 1/76 matchbox vehicles in the other combi-sets, but I wasn't sure and since I didn't need the panzer grenadiers it was over-priced. I'll keep an eye out for these on the B&B.