Sunday, 7 December 2008

Recon 2008

Back across the Pennines for another show, this time Recon at Pudsey, near Leeds. This was my first visit and it seemed much more laid back than the bigger show at the Royal Armouries. Not as many traders and games, but lots of friendly people to talk to. Yet again it was Marignano 1515, its last outing and for the Swiss a conspicuous success as with the dice gods smiling on them they stormed across the ditch and eliminated most of Bourbon's command before Francis and the french reserves got into play.

On the purchasing front, I bought very little, as I had to avoid items on my Xmas list, so
  • An Airfix Emergency set from the B&B - I need an ambulance for the next big game
  • The Mars GNW Swedish Infantry- I got tempted by the range of poses
  • Strelets Turkopoles - extras for my Teutonic order army and at a pinch could be used as HYW mounted archers.

I also continued the sale of items from my stash that I have convinced myself that I'll never get around to needing/painting

The real temptation was the new buildings from Total Battle Miniatures as they were demonstrating their new black powder building range with a Napoleonic game. Luckily for my wallet it was 15mm rather than 20mm.

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